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Acacia Hill

The web based system developed for Acacia Hill streamlines the rostering and shift-management process.

Rostering System

Acacia Hill’s improved rostering system guarantees that their staff schedules are now being managed as professionally as their childcare services.


With Acacia owning seven childcare centres in the Perth metropolitan area and a raft of regulations governing industry best practice, rostering was a logistical nightmare for the team at Acacia Hill. Legislation not only dictates staff-to-children ratios, but also the ratio of staff with different qualifications. This meant that having to manage rosters manually was challenging, to say the least, and was prone to errors, which often led to over-staffing and confusion. Overall, this impacted the profitability of the family-owned business.


The web-based system OneIT created for Acacia Hill streamlines the shift-management and rostering process. In addition to allocating the right amount of staff to every centre, every day, taking into account the number of children and carers’ qualifications, our solution includes an easy to use integrated timesheet system.


  • Create staff rosters that create regulatory compliance without fail
  • Minimise staffing costs for each centre, without endangering quality
  • Complete and submit daily timesheets electronically and quickly
  • Export timesheets directly to MYOB, avoiding any data-entry and errors
  • Access to a host of analysis data and management reports


Our integrated solution provides peace of mind for the Acacia Hill management team, as well as the children's parents. It ensures that there will always be the required number of qualified staff on duty at any given time at Acacia Hill. Furthermore, it drastically speeds up the administration process, while avoiding errors and minimising costs.

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