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BOC Australia

The Pack Certification Register developed by OneIT has delivered tangible operational and commercial benefits.

Inventory Tracking System

BOC’s Pack Certification Database streamlines product monitoring and distribution worldwide.


BOC sends a variety of gas tanks to oil, gas and industrial customers throughout Australia, offshore and overseas, all of which have stringent safety inspection and certification needs. Having a paper-based information system, BOC was struggling to track and handle consignments and get the appropriate details for customers, impacting their credibility and capacity to facilitate gas deliveries.


We designed a purpose-designed Pack Certification Database for BOC, particularly to handle the 16-cylinder packages they dispatch throughout the globe, including to offshore rigs. 


  • An assets tracking and data register
  • A knowledge-base for inspection prerequisites 
  • A safe and secure online library for certification files
  • An inspection reporting management software
  • An auditing software featuring a complete inspection track record


Certificates and records are now created at a press of a key, presenting BOC together with their customers with web admission to all of the related package requirements, serial numbers and certification track records. Along with minimizing maintenance time and costs, this simplifies the delivery and distribution strategy.

Bottom line Benefits

With reduced recurring expenses and better control, such as on-demand admission to comprehensive shipment information and certifications, the Pack Certification Database has offered visible operational and commercial advantages, whilst boosting BOC’s recognition as a growing supplier of gas products and solutions.

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