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Crushing Services International

Rapid growth in our business meant we had enormous amounts of information to deal with. The new database hugely reduces the time it takes to manage so many assets and we can easily find information when we need it.
Daniel Avard
Crane/Rigging Manager

Online Database System

Crushing Services International (CSI) Pty Ltd, equipped with a new and powerful online database system, is now providing efficient services to their clients across Western Australia.


With the mining boom increasing demand for Crushing Services International (CSI), there was a pressing need for a web-based database that could grow with the business. At that time, there was no system to easily record and track the daily usage, location, and availability of vehicles and machinery.


When we met up for the first meeting session, CSI were specific with their system requirements and that they were under time restraints to develop their online database asset management system. After studying their requirements, OneIT developed and launched a powerful web based system within two months, which was an excellent fit to their growing business needs. The new user friendly solution fulfills their requirement by enabling them to track their projects and asset details accurately.


  • Each system user is provided with a valid username and password to ensure the data security
  • Users of the system can track the state-wide usage of cranes, vehicle and rigging equipments
  • Ability to schedule human and non-human assets
  • Resource library and Lift studies are well maintained
  • Ability to keep and track maintenance reports
  • System sends automatic email notifications/reminders to construction sites of compliance and on maintenance requirements


During training, it took less than five minutes for site staff to learn how to record their hours, kilometres and faults in the maintenance area of the database. Now, it takes just five minutes on average to enter all the hours for ten cranes.

Managers in Perth can easily locate any crane and immediately see when they are available. On the ground in remote WA, it has brought about significant improvements in asset usage, maintenance, training, and health & safety.

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