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Department of Premier and Cabinet

OneIT delivered a solution that seamlessly integrated with the government’s accounts department.

Event Management System

A specialised program allowed the Department of Premier & Cabinet to better serve the local community and the government accounts department.


The Department of the Premier and Cabinet offers a range of educational events, and with the populatirity fast growing for the two-hour courses and multi-day seminars, the Department required the assistance of a scalable event management system to reduce overheads. Up until this point, the course administration had been manually managed using Outlook.


OneIT developed a customised event management system referred to as GEMS, that seamlessly integrated with the government’s accounts department.


  • Reliable recording of event payments, attendees and details
  • Monitoring of event catering and area bookings
  • Direct user interface with the Office of Shared Services (OSS) through EDI
  • OSS invoices and receipts to be made available for forwarding to attendees


  • Adopting this particular scalable process, the Department of the Premier and Cabinet is now able to supply better services to event attendees and  lecturers, keeping them up-to-date with notification messages. In addition, as a government division, they are fully outfitted to support the OSS Payment System.
  • The system's success also attracted the attention of the Department of Treasury & Finance, who were quick to also implement it.

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