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The new system means Fluidworks is no longer reliant on one staff member to manage all the data.

Cost Estimation System

FluidWorks’ improved management system gives the flexibility and sustainability needed in a growing market.


Quickly growing to satisfy an increasing need for their industrial and commercial plumbing installation and design services, FluidWorks urgently required the help of a flexible database with the ability to expand with their changing requirements. Their exisiting process relied heavily on one comprehensive Excel spreadsheet which potentially jeopardized the integrity and stability of the data.


OneIT developed a solution incorporating the functionaility of their current spreadsheet in addition to a more streamlined, secure and  flexible information management process.


  • Service provider rate lists and cost codes to be published and adjusted
  • Quotations to be quickly generated from base elements and costs to be revised till completed, using the applicable rates and profit margins totalled automatically
  • Customised sections of hardware parts to be constructed, kept and used again on new quotations
  • Manual bypass to allow optimum flexibility
  • Creation of branded completed quotations for customer submission


Fluidworks has stopped being dependent on one employee managing the data. Multiple users are now able to enter, publish and handle information without difficulty. All data is kept secure in a central database, compatible for long-term expansion. Additionally, when quotations are created, they can be replicated and changed easily, enabling the development of a collection of reuseable, time saving proformas.

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