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Manager Administrative Services

Customised Database

A tailored database makes personnel management and communication a straightforward and accountable process for the expanding Instrowest brand.


As Instrowest and its group of electrical contractors grown to service WA’s flourishing resources industry, its HR communications and certification processes were under escalating pressure. Matching properly skilled personnel with each job needed a lot of manual handling by means of emails, phone calls and text messages. They seriously needed a method that might enhance the procedure and allow monitoring features.


Developing an effective human resource management system, we refined personnel management correspondence.


  • Safely keep employee contact information, job placement details, certification, accreditation, credentials and medical data
  • Publish related files towards every staff member, which includes letters of offer, contracts and performance evaluations
  • Create email templates, in order that employees can be reached in bulk
  • Record all of communications forwarded via the system towards relevant staff member
  • Send out Text message and email notifications straight to personnel, with applicable attachments


Significantly shorter period and less resources are now needed for the administration-side of handling the staff, job placements and personnel assessments, allowing the Instrowest team to focus on getting more contract work.

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