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June O'Connor Centre

We are grateful to OneIT for their continual professional support and consultancy as they listen actively to our needs and provide the outcomes that we require at a very reasonable price
Dave Scammell
Manager Administrative Services

Management Reporting Statistics System

June O’Connor’s centralised system makes sure they always complete their reporting duties with efficiency and precision.


June O'Connor runs seven drop-in centres all through Western Australia,every one devoted to  providing support, educational courses and training to help those with mental health challenges develop a successful transition back into community. With every centre handling their own database independently, they had been struggling to put together the quarterly reports required by the State Government and the Commonwealth.


We recommended the introduction of one centralised and scalable membership database,consolidating and transforming all independent access databases to simplify recording and reporting.


  • Centralised recording of all contact information, participation reports, consultation services, incidences, diagnostics and referrals
  • Generating of JOC All Services Reports for the State Government, together with the choice to decide on a timeframe, a particular centre or all centres
  • Generating of reports for the Commonwealth, aggregating the same information in the applicable formatting


All information is now able to be stored in one place and quarterly reports are produced within a few minutes, reducing the administration staff hours of manual number crunching, while removing the probability of mistakes. In addition, as State and Commonwealth reporting requirements change, the system can be easily customized to keep highest possible effectiveness and precision.

Bottom-line Benefits

Moreover to increasing reporting effectiveness and productiveness in long run, we also provided estimated numbers for continuing expenses and set up a suitable payment schedule to support June O’Connor in budgeting and grant submission.

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