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OneIT delivered a custom website and complex mini site software system.


Magnitude is a financial advisory group part of larger Westpac bank organisation. Providing personalized services like branding and other to the Independent Financial Advisors, Magnitude needed a website that would allow advisers to easily create their own turn key websites.


OneIT delivered a website integrated with a complex software application through which by entering of financial focus and details the registered Independent Financial Advisors can create their own mini site under the Magnitude brand. It benefits the Advisors by allowing them to roll out their own website really quickly and with little administrative effort. The new website also creates a workflow by which any changes made have to go through Magnitude head office approval, ensuring that all Financial Advisors comply with the financial services guidelines.

More Information

OneIT also worked on Magnitude website redesign and system upgrade, delivering a Benchmarking tool and survey delivery system.

Easy to use Benchmark tool gives the Financial Advisors key performance indicators like revenue, number of staff and clients under management, with which they can benchmark themselves against other Advisors within the Group.

The survey delivery system monitors different practices within the Magnitude Group, which allows feedback on the registered Financial Advisors.

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