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Modus Compliance

Right from the word go, OneIT sought to understand the way our business operated and were able to offer proactive advice on how our app could operate including culling unnecessary data entry and streamlining delivery to our clients.
Simon Walker

Mobile Auditing Application

Our custom application gives MODUS a new method for auditing with efficiency and accuracy.


MODUS Compliance, a exclusive constructing surveying consultancy evaluating construction sites across Western Australia, operates in numerous out of the way locations and needed a custom made application to help in capturing compliance audits.Staff were required to make thorough assessment notes onsite, working out which building codes were appropriate to each examination, they were required to type and format a official report for processing.


Discovering how the easily app would have to function to successfully enhance this laborious process needed an adaptable and proactive strategy.Operating collaboratively with the MODUS operations crew, we built recommendations to reduce costs of data entry and performed a number of adjustments to make sure the app provided the results required.


  • Automatic recognition of clauses suitable for each assessment
  • Notes to be input immediately by using a hand-held gadget
  • Pictures to be submitted for inclusion in the finalized record
  • Reports to be created and uploaded instantaneously


For MODUS staff, the app conserved a lot of time on administrator tasks, while the managing team was quick to discover impressive benefits in the reliability and accuracy of reporting documentation.

Bottom-line Benefits

At senior level, the app has saved numerous hours daily per person, not only to administration but most importantly greatly reducing the time necessary to advise new staff.

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