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My Commission Refunds


Website and Client Portal

My Commission Refunds (MCR) is an ASIC licensed, financial services company in Australia. Dovetailing with MCR’s internal processing system, OneIT developed a new website and client portal.


Every year thousands of Australians pay billions of dollars as commissions, hidden fees and charges on their investments to brokers and financial advisors. Hence MCR decided to introduce an easy to use, online DIY service to recover those commissions hidden in your various types of fees.


OneIT went through the requirements and developed a new website and client portal working together with MCR’s internal processing system which is capable of recovering the commissions, hidden fees and charges on people's investments.


  • The new system enables ordinary Australians to recoup the ongoing commissions, hidden fees and charges on their investments like super, pensions, margin loans, income protection insurance, life insurance, TPD insurance and trauma insurance.
  • For a low annual admin fee, MCR passes 100% of the ongoing commissions and fees on financial products and accounts straight back to the policyholder.
  • It’s a simple, no-nonsense way to reduce your outgoings and enjoy greater control over investments and finances
  • Clients can log-in to the MCR portal and manage their own products and accounts directly.
  • MCR also gives the client access to retail financial planning products that are generally only available from financial planners.


The new system for My Commission Refunds has many benefits over Australians who pay enormous commissions on their investments.

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