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Thank you for your excellent work. We have found your company professionalism, attention to detail and the ability to scope the project appropriately exemplary.
Lou Giglia
General Manager

ID Management System

The improved NightKey ID management system reduces costs, saves time and has enabled a 50% growth of the NightKey business.


NightKey is a state-of-the-art biometric ID access and verification control system for pubs, nightclubs and hospitality venues. It’s the first reliable and large-scale system of its kind, but with increasing system constraints and administrative burdens this meant that NightKey’s developer staff couldn’t keep up with the growing demand.


We succesfully updated the algorithm and streamlined  the NightKey system, making it much more efficient and scalable, with an easy to navigate, intuitive web interface for venue owners.


  • Much faster, more efficient transfer of administrative data for NightKey
  • Automatic delivery of detailed management reports
  • Enhanced security, reducing the number of trust points and lowering the risk of a critical problem. 
  • Patrons to be contacted by their email and SMS messages in case of an issue
  • SMS digital ticketing – tickets sent by SMS in bulk to clients and scanned at the door of the venue


The system is now many hundreds of times faster, minimising the hardware and administrative costs. This has given the NightKey team of staff more time to focus on growing their business and developing new packages and innovations, such as subsidised access to the platform combined with a ticketing system.

Bottom line

The time and cost savings have enabled our client to make Nightkey even more affordable and attractive, ultimately fueling growing interest and demand – NightKey’s client base has already grown by 50%.

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