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RSA Engineers

The time and effort saved through the use of this software tool will have an enormous impact on the day to day running of our business.
Tim Salter

Job Management System

Versatility and standard control were the crucial elements  for RSA Engineers when it got to creating a new all-covering project management software.

The Issues

As engineering consultants, RSA Engineers offer a expanding portfolio of services, covering anything from site surveys for construction and mining companies, to energy efficiency evaluations.

With a huge number of projects active at the same time, frequently with multiple projects per client, they were in critical necessity of a computerized, start-to-finish project management system. RSA requested a solution that incorporates and streamlines every component of project management: estimation, scheduling, time and cost tracking, document management, contract management, collaboration, purchasing and asset tracking.


The tailor-made system we designed handles the entire project life-cycle and incorporates numerous elements, features and capability.


  • Handle time sheets and track hours used on projects for billing uses;
  • Allows receipts and expenses to be recorded towards one or more projects and billed to the customer correctly;
  • Create invoices - final invoices, along with interim invoices for bigger projects;
  • Export invoices for smooth MYOB integration;
  • Control personnel and project costing registry;
  • Assign tasks, dependencies and deadlines to simplify and assure project delivery;
  • Track progress and status of a project, or any task within a project;
  • Manage and reconcile hours, salaries, overtime and time-in-lieu (TOIL calculator);
  • Files project activity details and data for tracking and reporting uses.


At present, with all of the project-specific costing data in a single place, RSA’s invoices are prompt, strengthening payment and cash-flow. Additionally,the capability to generate tasks, notifications and alerts for individual RSA consultants assures that projects keep on track.

Bottom line

The modern project management system has increased performance and project delivery, strengthening RSA’s consultants and endorsing responsibility. Better project control and standard access to correct project information show that RSA has become capable of handling their workflow and workload with very little administration, so that the company can consentrate on establishing its services and customer portfolio