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Renewable Energy Traders

After using a manual, paper-based system, RET could see the benefits a one-click fully automated system would deliver.

Online Management Portal

A paperless online admin system brings more green credentials and savings to Renewable Energy Traders Australia.


At a time when government incentives were driving greater interest in solar energy, Renewable Energy Traders (RET) Australia needed a secure, online system to streamline the process of submitting solar hot water panel and solar cell installation certificates for processing.

RET an aggregator of Renewable Energy Certificates, operated a manual, paper-based system and could see the benefits a one-click fully automated system would deliver.


The multi-user online system we delivered for RET transformed the installation administration process into a paperless and highly efficient process for installers and head office staff alike


  • Exchanges precise, real-time price information between installers and the energy credit trader
  • Provides each installer with their own login to submit installation details
  • Automatically calculates Renewable Energy Credits and locks in the price of the day
  • Generates forms and reports for electronic submission to Renewable Energy Traders


While providing RET with an accurate and timely record of each trade, installers were able to access their commission faster by submitting the REC form immediately, without the need to return to the office and process the data.

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