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The CMS developed by OneIT gives Tabcorp a single powerful platform to support four uniquely designed websites for each of their high-end brands.

Content Management System

Tabcorp’s content management software unifies website and booking administration across all of their four brands.


Tabcorp is Australia's premier entertainment and gambling group.  Tabcorp was operating four different websites, one for each of their hotel-casino properties in Sydney, Brisbane, Townsville, and the Gold Coast. Each of the sites required a great deal of maintenance and none of them included an online booking system.


The content management system has provided Tabcorp with one powerful platform that supports four unique websites.


  • An online booking system that integrates with Tabcorp’s OPERA hotel management system over all four brands
  • Timely information on room rates, room availability and packages
  • Ability to select packages and then book and choose add-ons
  • Enable guests to login and update their bookings online
  • Integration with OPERA for availability, bookings, and updates
  • The site featured integration with Flash allowing for accordions, ferris wheels, slide-shows, carousels and photo galleries


Due to the integration with Flash, the Tabcorp's marketing departments are now able to add new promotions quickly and with ease.  Additionally, the online booking system ensures all reservations are made and updated without needing any manual intervention. For users, brand experience is also greatly improved with the real-time delivery of the best room rates and packages available.

Bottom line Benefits

Operating one content management system meant lower ongoing website costs and a faster turn-around time for all site and booking administration. Furthermore, Tabcorp has experienced a huge increase in online reservations since the new system went live.

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