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Team Roof

OneIT put together our quoting system package and we found them to be efficient and reliable. Their commitment far exceeded our expectations. We look forward to using them again when we need to update.
Colleen O'Donnell
Managing Director

Quoting System

Combining workflow and project management systems, TeamRoof’s rules-based estimating software provides all employees the tools to create professional accurate quotes.


TeamRoof specialises in fitting and repairing large industrial and commercial metal roofs and wall sheeting, insulation, guttering and downpipes, vents, cappings and flashings. In the beginning their elaborate estimating process was given to one highly experienced staff member, but as the company continues to grow, the process has to be made easier allowing new, inexperienced estimators to produce quotes.


The tailored software solution developed by OneIT incorporates a workflow and project management system to develop an automated, rules-based estimating system.


  • Develop and customise a quote determined by materials of varying dimensions
  • Quantity calculator that multiplies dimensions to determine quantities needed
  • Enables new and existing product details to be easily added and altered
  • ‘Email supplier’ functionality to request bulk prices
  • Generate branded standardised quotation paperwork


Automating the estimating process has significantly reduced the amount of time that is required to create quotes and it facilitates more TeamRoof staff to share this task. In addition, the solution has streamlined project management and enhanced communications between suppliers and customers through the creation of highly professional branded and standardised quotes.