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Town of Cottesloe

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The Town of Cottesloe is a council that is internationally renowned for its superb beaches and terraced lawns overlooking the Indian Ocean. Their existing website needed renovation with a new design, content management system and additional functionality.

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The new Town of Cottesloe site exists to serve its ratepayers, the council and its staff. With a wealth of information to be displayed, website navigation and layout were important design elements. OneIT incorporated quick links, latest news, contact forms and calendars that were customisable for each web page. These features enable users to easily navigate where they want to go as well as alerting them to information they may not know about. All of this is achieved simply and effectively through OneIT's design.

A key element of the content management system is the events calendar. A global calendar compiles the activities loaded into the various calendars within the website. When users click on a calendar date, all of the day's activities and their descriptions are displayed.

Content for the Town of Cottesloe website is the responsibility of many staff. Each staff member was provided with customised access and workflow security as well as being extensively trained.

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