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Vanguard Investments

OneIT delivered a superannuation calculator that was based on a set of complex rules that were presented in a spreadsheet.

Superannuation Calculator

Vanguard Investment Australia belongs to the world's biggest investment management companies, requested an online superannuation calculator for investors to work with assessing and reviewing the amount of money they had in their superannuation fund.

More Information

OneIT supplied a superannuation calculator that has been structured on a set of complex guidelines which were provided in a spreadsheet.We modified these guidelines into a online application that individuals can use to calculate various elements of their superannuation fund.The application created real time charts for them and assessed  the amount of money they would have in retirement.
Furthermore, we also created Vanguard marketing intranet where they are able to publish all of the marketing resources they had in the company. That efficiently handled the digital storing of company logo's, client surveys, marketing materials and press packages. Considering the scale of the business, this intranet established crucial in providing use of marketing materials through the entire company.

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