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Exclusive Charters

It was an easy process dealing with OneIT. The Project Manager was our main point of contact throughout and would always see “logic” in what we were after. We would like to thank you for your professional service and for providing us with a great system.
Barry Baker

Job Management & Booking System

New web interface and admin database makes booking and managing charters plain sailing for Exclusive Charters’ customers and partners.


Exclusive Charters is Perth’s longest running charter boat agency, giving the pleasure-seeking public and corporate clients access to a fleet of up to 30 privately-owned vessels. All bookings and the co-ordination of charter events were managed manually, using an inefficient and time-consuming phone and paper-based system.


Designing and developing a web interface, we enabled Exclusive Charters’ public and corporate clients to select and book a vessel, place catering orders, make their payment and manage their booking online.

To complement this, we added an admin dashboard, allowing all boat owners to log in and access the charter schedule for their own vessel, ensuring availability information is kept up to date.


  • System access for multiple users (public, boat owners and Exclusive Charters’ staff) with individual login details and privileges
  • Partial word recognition
  • Autofill fields from database
  • ‘Calendar view’ displaying boat availability
  • Cost calculations, based on boat size and location of pick-up/drop-off
  • Automated notification emails to supplier catering companies
  • Automated booking confirmation emails to customers
  • Automated invoice generation and receipt recording


The new web-based booking and job management system has enabled Exclusive Charters to provide a faster, more accessible and efficient service for all their clients and customers, public, corporate and boat-owners alike.