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Women's Health and Family Services

The new database developed by OneIT makes retrieving communication history or assessment detail much simpler and quicker.

Client & Program Database

Women's Health and Family Services' new Body Esteem Database keeps a history of all customer enquiries and evaluations as well as monitors program participation at the centre.


This energetic and progressive not-for-profit did not have a means of keeping records of all customer enquiries and evaluations. Furthermore, they did not have a centralised process to book customers into programs or ways to manage enquiries and participation statistics.


OneIT developed a system that managed customer data and program participation a lot more efficiently than previously. The system enables all customer data to be entered into the database as well as evaluation information and assessments. The database tracks customer development right from preliminary evaluation to final assessment and 'books' customers into particular programs.


  • Centralised customer details storage
  • Statistical reports on enquiries for every single program
  • Handles the client admission process for the group
  • Generates summary reports on evaluation outcomes
  • Protected access to sensitive information


The database gives Women's Health and Family Services a centralised reference point for all customer data. This makes locating communication records or evaluation information a lot easier and quicker.

The reporting engine also supplies vital statistical information on enquiries and participation in the support programs. This information is essential to stake holders and other fundraising bodies.

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