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Custom Databases

We will build your custom database on time, brief and budget.

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Database Development and Conversion

Irrespective of how sophisticated your needs may be, we have the extensive skills and experience to reliably create a custom-built database, on time, scope and budget. We often are requested to pick up the pieces when other development companies are not able to develop this system they promised.

We can easily help make your Access database or Excel spreadsheets more effective by converting them to a web based system, increasing their capability as well as your return on investment.

Working with the benefit of our exerience and careful attention to your needs, we create a custom database tailored to your exact requirements, ensuring your new system manages information more efficiently and securely.

Your custom database can contain almost anything you can imagine, but customers typically ask for many of the following

  • Industrial-strength security to protect data from copying
  • Audit trails to record every detail of who changed what and when
  • Workflow to automate the progression of work from one person to another
  • Integration of the database with other software systems to eliminate manual copying
  • Scalability to accommodate future software enhancements
  • Conversion of Excel spreadsheets into an improved layout and function
  • Conversion from an Access database to web based database available on tablets and phones
  • Reduce manual labour by automating processes and notifications

If your company is accumulating data fast, you’ll find it more and more time-consuming to maintain company data in Excel spreadsheets and other locations. Now is the ideal time to step up to the next level and automate your business procedures to lower business overheads.

See how our custom-built database development delivered efficiencies by reviewing the case studies below or call us to arrange a no-obligation meeting.

Case Studies